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Massage Therapy


Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage 

Customized to your needs with the right pressure and technique.

60 Minutes $75~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~90 Minute $110

Hot Stone Massage
A relaxing and stimulating massage that melts down tension with heated stones applied to the body with long, flowing Swedish strokes.

90 Minutes $120




Reflex points located on the hands and feet that corresponds to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body. Pressure is applied to  each one of these points.

45 Minutes $45



Rejuvenating Foot Treatment

Rejuvenate tired, aching feet while rough, dry callused skin is polished away. Infused with botanical extracts, minerals and sea extracts, your feet will be exfoliated, masqued with marine clay and repaired with moisturizing foot therapy.
25 Minutes $20
  Can be  an addition to any treatment.



Enhance your sessions with any one of our aromatherapy oils.

Essential oils are complex compounds that are found in aromatic plants.  They are well known to balance the central nervous system and relax the body. Also helps  the body, mind, and spirit for physical, mental, and emotional support.


Deep Muscle Therapy

The use of Hot and Cold Professional Topical Analgesics masssaged  into the area along with the use of hot and cold packs.

This treatement is highly recommended to those with  back pain, tension, and muscle pain.