MéRose Therapeutics Wellness & Spa
20401 NW 2nd Ave. Suite#308. Miami, FL 33169. Phone: (305) 303-9172 (954) 518-4323. Mon-Sat 11 A.M to 7 P.M.
About Us



Massage is not a Luxury, it’s a Necessity!


Massage Therapy is our specialty. Our team of well-trained licensed Massage Therapist is geared towards personalizing every treatment to your needs.

Whether its pain management or pure relaxation, we are here to service you with a variety of services.

Our Services includes:

·         Skin Care

·         Pain Management

·         Massage Therapy

·         Body Detox Treatments

·         Foot Therapy

·         Spa Treatments

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue-muscles, skin, and / or tendon. It is used for relaxation, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation.

The benefit of a regular massage includes:

·         Decreasing Pain

·         Reducing anxiety and stress

·         Improving range of motion

·         Reducing muscle soreness

·         Boosting immune system

·         Lessening depression

·         Easing withdrawal symptoms

·         Easing labor pain

·         Relieving migraine pain

·         Relieving back, neck, and shoulder pain

·         Promoting tissue regeneration

What to expect during a massage?

The massage session begins with a brief consultation and a review of symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle.

Will Massage Therapy hurt?

A majority of our clients feel calm and relaxed after a massage. But, depending on the treatment or if it considers deep tissue massage, you may experience mild temporary aches.